Quality through specialisation

We do IP! We are a commercial law firm located in the heart of Munich specialising in industrial property protection. Our main areas of expertise are trademark law, design law, patent law and competition law. As a result of our long-standing experience in these fields, continual information sharing and ongoing professional development, we can offer you up to the minute legal advice to the highest standard.

Cost transparency right from the outset

With us there is no need to fear escalating legal bills. Right at the outset, we discuss with you the services that will be required to achieve the best possible outcome and what these will cost. We will be happy to agree a fixed price with you for our advice (to the extent that this is possible and legally permitted) and in the case of legal proceedings we will inform you in advance of the cost risk involved. Complete cost transparency is thus ensured at all times.

Rechtsanwälte Gregor Lintl und Christian Renger

There are many ways to achieve a goal

Differences need not always end in conflict. Successful advice can also be directed to avoiding a dispute. By opting for alternative solutions and with careful preparation, it is possible to forestall a legal confrontation at an early stage, thus saving you time and money. But where a dispute is unavoidable, we will fight uncompromisingly on your behalf.

Uncomplicated communication

We favour electronic means of communication. This ensures that you are always able to contact your lawyer personally, directly and quickly.

As far as possible, we also correspond with offices and authorities electronically. This will speed up your case and protect the environment.

Free initial consultation

Your initial consultation will cost you nothing. Outline your case or concern to us by telephone or email, or use our contact form.

In this first encounter, we will discuss possible options and potential costs with you free of charge. Contact us now.